Foot and Mouth Discovered in the Vhembe District of Limpopo, South Africa

Earlier today ( 08-01-2019) the South Africa’s Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries issues a press release informing the farming sector, allied industries and the nation at large that for Foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) has been discovered in cattle in the Vhembe District of Limpopo – a province bordering Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. As a result, South Africa has lost its FMD-free status until further notice. This is bound to have a profound effect  on the export of beef and cloven hoofed animals from South Africa.

According to the press release, the affected area is under quarantine and no movement of animals and animal products are allowed. Farmers further away from the outbreak are cautioned to observe bio-security measures – not to allow any new animals into their herds, and to minimize the movement of their own herds to other farms.

Until the country get its FMD-free status back, local farmers who import cattle from South Africa for breeding purposes, especially from Limpopo, are likely to have to suspend all purchases. I sincerely hope that the Botswana government is also taking the necessary precautions to ensure that the FMD does not cross into the country as it will spell doom for our farmers who are still reeling from the effects of the drought.


Photo by Sunday Standard




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